[PDF] Wavelet analysis and active media technology 1 Jian Ping Li, Stephane Jaffard, Ching Y. Suen


Wavelet analysis and its applications have been one of the fastest growing research areas in the past several years. Wavelet theory has been employed in numerous fields and applications, such as signal and image processing, communication systems, biomedical imaging, radar, air acoustics, and many other areas. Active media technology is concerned with the development of autonomous computational or physical entities capable of perceiving, reasoning, adapting, learning, cooperating, and delegating in a dynamic environment. This book captures the essence of the current state of the art in wavelet analysis and active media technology. It includes nine invited papers by distinguished researchers: P Zhang, T D Bui and C Y Suen from Concordia University, Canada; N A Strelkov and V L Dol’nikov from Yaroslavl State University, Russia; Chin-Chen Chang and Ching-Yun Chang from Taiwan; S S Pandey from R D University, India; and I L Bloshanskii from Moscow State Regional University, Russia.

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