{PDF} Ultra-wideband Radio Technology Kazimierz Siwiak, Debra McKeown


Ultra-wideband (UWB) has been among the most controversial technologies of modern times. Its applications seem endless, its capabilities miraculous and yet it is so poorly understood. In this volume, the authors combine talents to de-mystify ultra-wideband radio and explain it in language that is accessible to non-technologists as well as technologists. They contrast UWB with conventional radio technology so that fundamental, technically accurate information devoid of specific technical and analytical details is accessible for marketing managers, business developers, engineering managers, technology managers, potential investors, financial analysts, executive recruiters, technical writers, and technologists from other fields. The authors also include enough specific technical and engineering information about UWB, for the seasoned technologists, engineers, scientists and academicians who need to understand the topic at an entry level. Provides simple high level, conceptual discussions of UWB followed with more detailed, scientific, mathematical, engineering focused explanationsPresents a global perspective by tracing UWB throughout the history of radio, providing a modern basis for the re-emergence of the technology and for the current regulatory and standards activitiesFeatures insights into the reasons why the technology developed the way it didExplains the key advantages of UWB, including its bandwidth, potential simplicity and huge system capacityDiscusses the applications of UWB in terms of the unique properties and advantages of UWBUltra-wideband Radio Technology will inform, educate and inspire!…

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