[PDF] Theory of Science and Technology Transfer and Applications (Systems Evaluation, Prediction and Decision-Making) Sifeng Liu, Zhigeng Fang, Hongxing Shi, Benhai Guo


Constructive Suggestions for Efficiently Implementing Technology Transfer

Theory of Science and Technology Transfer and Applications presents the mechanisms, features, effects, and modes of technology transfer. It addresses the measurement, cost, benefit, optimal allocation, and game theory of technology transfer, along with the dynamics of the technical diffusion field.

The book explores the concept of technology transfer and its mechanism as the main theme. It measures the cost and benefit of technology transfer, analyzes technology transfer based on technical diffusion field theory, and presents case studies to illustrate the use of a linear programming model and government investment and planning model. The authors also offer strategic analyses that utilize game models and discuss the impact of technology transfer on economic growth.

Accompanied by economic globalization, globalization in technology enables the rational allocation and flow of the elements of technology without restrictions, which in turn allows the sharing of technological activities and the space flow of technology more frequently. This book focuses on the creation and development of advanced productivities. Through many real-world examples, it shows how to implement technology transfer in society, leading technology to become socially and economically valued.

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