[PDF] The New Option Secret – Volatility: The Weapon of the Professional Trader and the Most Important Indicator in Option Trading David L. Caplan


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Discover how option volatility indicates market tops/bottoms, which strategy is to use, how it indicates whether options should be bought or sold & how it can be used to take advantage of premium “disparity” between option strike prices. You’ll also learn to exploit option market inefficiencies and methods that help determine seasonal factors in volatility.

Option master David Caplan reveals how option volatility . . .

– Accurately indicates market tops Ft bottoms
– Signals which option strategy is best to use
– Indicates whether options should be bought or sold
– Can be used to increase your probability of profit

Plus – discover high-powered strategies for…

– Exploiting option market inefficiencies

– Using neutral option strategies to trade like a “bookie”

– Recognizing and increasing returns by selling overvalued options,

– Using “special circumstances” and trading range markets to your advantage

– Benefiting from reliable seasonal tendencies in volatility

– Volatility charts of the futures’ options markets, methods used most frequently by top options traders, common mistakes to avoid – and much more!

“For the first time an “insider” has revealed the “secret” of the professional option traders who well “overvalued” options to unsustpecting public traders.” – Ken rester, author of “The Complete Option Player”

“As a professional option trader, I found “The NEW Option Secret” gave me new perspectives on using ‘over and undervalued options.’ I only hope others DON’T read it – and get too smart!” – Jon Najarian, option trader profiled in The Supertraders

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