[PDF] Successful proposal strategies for small businesses: using knowledge management to win government, private sector, and international contracts Robert S. Frey


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Expanded and revised again for its Third Edition, this popular book and its companion CD-ROM are highly accessible, self-contained desktop references developed to be informative, practical, and easy to use. They help small and mid-sized businesses as well as non-profit organizations and public-sector agencies to achieve effective, efficient, and disciplined business development, proposal development, and knowledge management (KM) processes. These, in turn, contribute to increased contract awards and enhanced levels of revenue. Using this book, any small company or organization with a viable product or service can learn how to gain and keep a client’s attention, even when working only a few employees. Entrepreneurs can use this resource to assist in the establishment of best-of-breed business development, proposal development, knowledge management, and publications infrastructures and processes within their organizations. In many ways, a small company’s future performance in the marketplace will be a direct result of how effectively it chooses to implement the disciplined business development, proposal development, and KM processes and methodologies as well as the modes of thinking presented in this work. All 18 chapters have been updated and expanded to provide you with the very latest guidance on effective proposaling?—so essential to the growth and development of your organization. CD-ROM Included! Features useful proposal templates in Adobe Acrobat, platform-independent format; HTML pointers to Small Business Web Sites; a comprehensive, fully searchable listing Proposal and Contract Acronyms; and a sample architecture for a knowledge base or proposal library. Recent reviews of the Second Edition of this work have been published in Business Week (New York); Minorities and Women in Business (Washington, D.C.); Canada One Magazine; E-merging Business magazine (Pacific Palisades, California); Small Business Advisor (Los Angeles); and Women’s Business of South Florida (Hollywood, Florida). Amazon.com, where it ranks in the top 1% of sellers, includes 10 exemplary reviews of the Second Edition of the book, as well.

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