[PDF] SMERSH: Stalin’s Secret Weapon: Soviet Military Counterintelligence in WWII Vadim J. Birstein


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“Why is a book about SMERSH relevant today? As Mr. Birstein takes pains to point out, ‘the present Russian government seems intent on whitewashing Stalin’s atrocities and the history of the Soviet security services.'”—The Washington Times

SMERSH is primarily known to readers in English as James Bond’s sinister opponent. Yet SMERSH was a real organization and was just as diabolical as its fictional counterpart. Based on Russian documents and memoirs, a critical missing piece of the history of World War II and the Soviet secret services is finally exposed to the light of day.

Vadim J. Birstein, PhD, is a historian, activist, and molecular geneticist. He lives in New York.

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