[PDF] Saijutsu: Traditional Okinawan Weapon Art Murakami, Katsumi


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Frontcover; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; FOREWORD; INTRODUCTION; About Saijutsu; The Relationship Between Sai and Karate, and Its Value; The Lineage of Saijutsu; The Kata of Saijutsu; ONE: Saijutsu Kihongata Ichi; TWO: Saijutsu Kihongata Ni; THREE: Saijutsu Kihongata San; FOUR: Tawada no Sai lchi; FIVE: Matsumura no Sai; SIX: Sword and Sai; SEVEN: Bushi Tawada; EIGHT: Bushi Matsumura; About the Author; Backcover.;Saijutsu: Traditional Okinawon Weapon Art is a presentation by kobujutsu master Katsumi Murakami of the powerful and subtle Okinawan art of the sai and the first of Murakami-sensei’s works to be published in English. In this succinct and authoritative volume, the art of wielding the sai, twin forked weapons-sometimes called iron rulers or truncheons-that enable the user to disarm and neutralize a more heavily armed opponent, is set out in step-by-step detail, with clear photographs of every move of each kata, from the basic training forms to the more complex classical kata. The core of the art.

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