[PDF] Reproductive Rights and Technology (Library in a Book) Rachel Kranz


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From the advent of the Pill to in vitro fertilization, from Roe v. Wade to the Freedom of Choice movement, the reproductive rights of women have always been a highly volatile, hotly debated subject. Reproductive Rights and Technology addresses this important and emotionally charged issue. As with the other titles in the Library in a Book series, it provides a historical overview, reference resource, and research guide that can be useful not only to students, teachers, and librarians but also to journalists, media people, and members of the public interested in the impact that this issue has on our society. This volume examines reproductive issues from a wide variety of perspectives and disciplines – including science, technology, history, economics, politics, social attitudes, religion, and philosophy. Readers will also discover the range of reproductive technologies currently available, how their development has been affected by people’s beliefs and values, and the circumstances under which these techniques are made available. This addition to the critically acclaimed Library in a Book series will be of great use to everyone concerned with the issues of reproduction, childbearing, and women’s rights.

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