{PDF} Physics of Solid-State Laser Materials Richard C. Powell


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This graduate-level text presents the fundamental physics of solid-state lasers, including the basis of laser action and the optical and electronic properties of laser materials. After an overview of the topic, the first part begins with a review of quantum mechanics and solid-state physics, spectroscopy, and crystal field theory; it then treats the quantum theory of radiation, the emission and absorption of radiation, and nonlinear optics; concluding with discussions of lattice vibrations and ion-ion interactions, and their effects on optical properties and laser action. The second part treats specific solid-state laser materials, the prototypical ruby and Nd-YAG systems being treated in greatest detail; and the book concludes with a discussion of novel and non-standard materials. Some knowledge of quantum mechanics and solid-state physics is assumed, but the discussion is as self-contained as possible, making this an excellent reference, as well as useful for independent study.


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