[PDF] Operational Requirements for an infantry hand weapon Hitchman Norman.


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(Хичман Норман. Операциональные и эксплуатационные требования для стрелкового оружия пехотинца).
Report. Operations research office, The Johns Hopkins University. 1952. -123 p.Of what should a rifle be capable in battle today? Since there is a limit/as to how accurately the infantryman fires, can one increase hits by giving him a rifle with new operational characteristics? ORO’s Project Balance studied this by taking data on how often, and by how much, riflemen missed targets (as well as the distribution of hits) at different ranges, by taking data on the ranges of engagement in battle, and by taking data on the physiological wound effects of shots with differing ballistic characteristics. The recommendation is made that Ordnance proceed to determine the technological feasibility of a weapon with operating characteristics analyzed in this memorandum.

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