[PDF] Multiplayer Game Programming w/CD (Prima Tech’s Game Development) Andre LaMothe


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Multiplayer Game Programming enables you to write your own completely Internet-ready video games using DirectX and/or sockets. This book reveals techniques and secrets of online gaming technology and teaches you the skills necessary to get involved in the video game industry. This book is perfect for hobbyist programmers who want to learn how to write online video games, software programmers wanting to move to online game programming, and the millions of video game players who want to learn about the technologies used in online video games.
Some of the features of the book include:
-Coverage of both DirectPlay and Sockets
-DirectX 8 with DirectPlay, Direct3D, DirectInput, and DirectAudio
-Network design theory and implementation
-Introduction to Windows programming
-Player management
-Peer-to-peer development
-Client-server development
-MMORPG design and implementation
-Source for two complete INternet-ready games!
-History of game development
-Hacking into multiplayer games

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