{PDF} Morphological image analysis: principles and applications Pierre Soille


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Following the success of the first edition, recent developments in the field of morphological image analysis called for an extended second edition. The text has been fully revised with the goal of improving its clarity while introducing new concepts of interest to real image analysis applications. One chapter devoted to texture analysis has been added. Main extensions include: discussion about multichannel images and their morphological processing, ordering relations on image partitions, connected operators and levellings, homotopy for greytone images, translation-invariant implementations of erosions and dilations by line segments, reinforced emphasis on rank-based morphological operators, grey tone hit-or-miss, ordered independent homotopic thinnings and anchored skeletons, self-dual geodesic transformation and reconstruction, area based self-dual filters, anti-centre, watershed-based texture segmentation, texture models, and new scientific and industrial applications.


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