[PDF] Mental Models: The Secret Weapon to Master Problem Solving, Boost Your Productivity, and Make Better Decisions (With A Deep Dive On Cognitive Biases) Charlie Holl


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Learn how Billionaires, Successful CEOs, Olympic Athletes, and Nobel Prize Winners think differently and use Mental Models to boost productivity, gain professional success, be happier, and develop decision-making skills.

Throughout history, we’ve used mental models both subconsciously and consciously to make the most historically vital choices for the human race. At the same time, we use mental models to decide what to cook for dinner and how to win arguments with our significant others. While everyone has the ability and everyone has some form of mental model created in their minds, the true masters of problem solving have broken down and perfected hundreds of different mental models to use on all sorts of different issues.

From finances and world crisis to daily schedules and project control, mental models have become commonplace in our worlds. This book will lay out just how to use them, what the most common models are, the best practices, and some examples of how using mental models will increase your productivity, help you reach the best choice when problem solving, and ensure you make positive and poignant decisions every time. Warren Buffet swears by mental models, and they have helped him become the billionaire and famous businessman he is today.

With the circle of confidence, Occam’s razor, the 10/10/10 method, the halo effect, and many more, you will have every tool available at your disposal to make those life altering choices. And when you can’t find the perfect mental model, this book will lay out how you can begin creating your own. With best practices for better problem solving, productivity, and decision making, your brain will begin to automatically move you toward the ideas you’ve been searching for. Also, by creating awareness through our extensive list of things to avoid, there is virtually no way that you can fail.
Are you ready to create the future you’ve always dreamed of? Use the information in this book to master your own mind with the tools readily available and already inside of you.

Whether you are a CEO or a Mom at home, mental models can be pertinent in your own life.

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