[PDF] Kellogg on Technology and Innovation Ranjay Gulati, Mohanbir Sawhney, Anthony Paoni


The great advances of the 1990s were only the beginning. The coming decade will produce a host of new and expanded applications for existing technologies as well as a vast array of powerful innovations that will transform the way we live, work, and do business. What are the business implications of these new and emerging technologies? How will they be commercialized? Which technologies will be most attractive to investors? How can value be captured while marketing these technologies, and who is most likely to capture it?Who better to answer all of these questions than the experts from the famed Kellogg School of Management? In Kellogg on Technology and Innovation, three of Kellogg’s leading technology gurus, along with their students, examine the exciting technologies of the near future from a business perspective. They provide an overview of the lure and promise of these emerging domains along with a canny analysis of the business propositions underlying each technology and a penetrating examination of alternative business models surrounding each new product and service.This comprehensive guide appraises the wireless value chain and infrastructure, takes an incisive look at optical networking, and explores the still-promising future of semiconductor technology. It maps out the brave new world of wireless networks, introduces upcoming wireless applications, and sizes up the potential of voice over IP wireless networks and interactive television. It also examines the competition-heavy area of peer-to-peer computing to reveal sustainable business models and likely winners among more than 100 players.As for breakthrough technologies, biotechnology is moving out of its infancy and into a rapid growth stage. Kellogg on Technology and Innovation investigates the ways in which biotech firms are repositioning themselves to better capitalize on the value they are creating. Nanotechnology is poised to become the transformative force of the twenty-first century, changing the world as thoroughly as the steam engine and the microchip. This book looks at the current state of nanotech research and examines ways in which this new model of thinking will lead to surprising and revolutionary applications.Complete with case studies straight from the front lines of technology research, product development, and marketing, Kellogg on Technology and Innovation is an indispensable resource for investors, executives, and entrepreneurs eager to find opportunities and catch the next major wave of profits in the technology revolution

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