[PDF] Job Hunting After 50 Carol A. Silvis


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The good news is that companies do hire mature workers. The bad news is that many baby boomer job seekers do not know how to carry out a modern job search or present themselves to employers in the way that best represents their background. Ineffective resumes, job searches, and interviews can derail anyone’s job search, but they can completely shut out the mature job applicant. Job Hunting After 50 will prepare you with a plan of action to carry out an effective job search to get the job you want. It covers self-assessment of skills and qualifications, preparing a resume for today’s market, dressing with style, using technology to find a job, identifying common mistakes made by job seekers over 50 and how to avoid them, and interviewing skills. Emphasis is placed on updating skills, improving energy level and attitude, and determining where the best jobs are for this age group. Commit the necessary time to finding a job, but work smarter by following the principles in Job Hunting After 50. Advice from the Author Top Ten Job Seeking Tips Network; tell everyone you know that you are job hunting. Use a modern resume format and make achievements stand out. Focus your resume on the job for which you are applying. Research companies you apply to; check their websites. Practice interviewing with a friend; be prepared. Focus on jobs appropriate for you. Continue to learn and grow professionally. Embrace technology. Work on keeping a healthy body and mind. Update your image; dress for success. Top Ten Job Seeking Mistakes Being unable to make a connection between your background and what the employer needs. Failing to get along with younger generations. Unwillingness to change. Avoiding new technology. Salary expectations that are too high. Lack of enthusiasm; low energy. Outdated hairstyle, makeup, clothing, or shoes. Unwillingness to reinvent yourself or update your skills. Coasting along; avoiding challenges and innovation. Being unprepared for the interview.

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