[PDF] IS-136 TDMA technology, economics, and services Lawrence J. Harte


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This text presents big-picture descriptions of IS-136 TDMA technology in cellular, PCS, and cordless applications, and explains how the technology works, what its costs/benefits are, and what types of products and services are available. In 10 chapters and three appendices structured for quick, easy reference, the author unravels complex industry specifications and requirements and, using graphic illustrations, offers accessible information that should help the reader to: learn how IS-136 and IS-54 radio transmission, telephone equipment, and system network operation work; differentiate between IS-54 TDMA and the recently evolved IS-136 technology; recognize the benefits of these new digital systems, including enhanced battery life, voice privacy, anti-fraud, and the potential for messaging services; understand the conversion process required to change analog systems to IS-136 and IS-54 technology; and learn why cellular service providers in more than a dozen countries are moving from IS-54 technology to IS-136.

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