{PDF} International Seminar on Nuclear War and Planetary Emergencies – 42nd Session (The Science and Culture Series – Nuclear Strategy and Peace Technology) R. Ragaini


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The Erice International Seminars are multidisciplinary seminars attended by over 100 eminent participants from all fields of Science. Each year, a few scientific issues are selected and experts are invited to present contrasting views during the plenary multidisciplinary sessions of the Seminar, followed by general debates. These sessions offer a unique opportunity for specialists to enlarge their fields of vision by being confronted to the ideas and suggestions from high level scientists in complementary domains of science. Associated workshops allow the experts to further refine and process the ideas evoked during the seminar. This year’s topics are focused on the World Energy Crisis and more specifically on the Essential Technologies for Moderating Climate Change and Improving Energy Security and for Energy & Limits of Development. We also concentrated on Managing the Challenges of Climate Change, Energy Security and Pollution in Asian Countries. On Global Monitoring of the Planet we have focused on the Climate Change issues and specifically on the Sensitivity of Climate to Additional CO2 as indicated by Water Cycle Feedback Issues, Climate Uncertainties Addressed by Satellites, and the Basic Mathematics Needed for All Models. In Information Security we focused on Cyber Conflict and Cyber Stability. For Pollution and Medicine we focused on the Revolution in the Environmental Health Sciences and the Emergence of Green Chemistry.

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