{PDF} Handbook of Food Proteins (Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition) G O Phillips, P A Williams


Handbook of Food Proteins is intended to be a convenient reference aimed at professionals using food protein ingredients, rather than an academic work describing in detail the latest understanding of the scientific basis of the properties of different proteins and their interactions. The book aims to provide in one volume all the relevant information a professional would require to select proteins for particular applications, especially applications in food products. Information is presented readily and accessibly, yet at the same time authoritatively. Each chapter is devoted to a particular food protein (or group of proteins) and covers sources, structure and properties, food and non-food applications and health effects.  -An authoritative overview of the characteristics, functionalities and applications of different proteins of importance to the food industry-Chapters each focus on a particular protein ingredient or group of ingredients and describe innovative products and potential methods for improving nutrition and diet using proteins

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