[PDF] German V-Weapon Sites 1943-45 Zaloga, Steven J


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Cover; Title; Contents; Introduction; The V-weapon Programs; Design and Development; The Allies Intervene; The Sites at War; The Missile Sites in Retrospect; The Sites Today; Further Reading; Related Titles; Imprint.;Designed to change the course of the war, the V weapons required ambitious plans to defend their expensive and complicated launch sites. Steven J Zaloga describes the configuration and planned deployment of heavy missile sites, as well as the unique Allied tactics developed to counter this threat, including a remote-control version of the B-17 bomber. From the V-1 ski sites to the mobile basing employed by the V-2 units and the other secret weapons bases like the ‘V-3’ high-pressure gun at Mimoyeques, this book examines the impact of these weapon systems and defences not only on the war but.

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