[PDF] Future Hype: The Myths of Technology Change Bob Seidensticker


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Conventional wisdom says that technology change is exponential, giving us an ever-growing number of exciting new products. According to this view, we live in an unprecedented golden age of technological expansion. Not so, according to Future Hype. Author Bob Seidensticker, who has an intimate understanding of technology on professional, theoretical, and academic levels, asserts that today’s achievements are not unprecedented. He explodes nine major myths of technology, including “Change is exponential,” “Products are adopted faster,” and “The Internet changes everything,” and he argues that we can’t control technology change unless we know how it changes. Examining the history of tech hype, Seidensticker uncovers the inaccuracies and misinterpretations that characterize the popular view of technology, explaining how and why this view has been created, and showing how technology change actually works. He concludes with “hype vaccine,” specific strategies to become a shrewder technology adopter.

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