{PDF} Food and Beverage Stability and Shelf Life (Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition) Persis Subramaniam, David Kilcast


Ensuring that foods and beverages remain stable during the required shelf life is critical to their success in the market place, yet companies experience difficulties in this area. Food and beverage stability and shelf life provides a comprehensive guide to factors influencing stability, methods of stability and shelf life assessment and the stability and shelf life of major products.Part 1 describes important food and beverage quality deterioration processes, including microbiological spoilage and physical instability. Chapters in this section also investigate the effects of ingredients, processing and packaging on stability, among other factors. Part 2 describes methods for stability and shelf life assessment including food storage trials, accelerated testing and shelf life modeling. Part 3 reviews the stability and shelf life of a wide range of products, including beer, soft drinks, fruit, bread, oils, confectionery products, milk and seafood.

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