{PDF} Digital Communication: Principles and System Modelling Apurba Das (auth.)


“Digital Communication” presents the theory and application of the philosophy of Digital Communication systems in a unique but lucid form. The book inserts equal importance to the theory and application aspect of the subject whereby the author selected a wide class of problems. The salient features of the book are: 1. A natural flow or writing is maintained from the first to the last chapters to visualize the information flow in an elegant way with intermediate conversion, processing like modulation and filtering, coding for error detection, correction and security. 2. In some cases like spread spectrum modulation, hypothetical experiments have been designed for clarifying the “why” of the topic. 3. The application area is rich and resemblance to the present trend of research, as the author himself is attached with those areas professionally.. 4. Supplementary electronic material is available via http://extras.springer.com which includes codes in MATLAB, with illuminating uncommon and common applications along with a large number of image, signal and speech demos with flash animation for better understanding of the subject. 5. Elegant worked out exercise section is designed in such a way that, the readers can get the flavor of the subject and get attracted towards the future scopes of the subject. 6. Unparallel tabular, flow chart based and pictorial methodology is employed for description of the subject for sustained impression of the proposed designs/ algorithms in mind.

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