[PDF] Closing the Gap in Education and Technology de Ferranti D., Perry G.E., Indermit S.G.


The global knowledge economy is transforming the demands of the labor market in economies worldwide. It is placing new demands on citizens, who need more skills and knowledge to function in their day-to-day lives than can be acquired in formal education systems alone.Lifelong learning — from early childhood to retirement — is education for the knowledge economy, and it is as crucial in transition and developing economies as it is in the developed world.A roadmap for policymakers in developing countries to the key issues and challenges of education in a knowledge economy, this book explores the ways in which lifelong learning systems encourage growth. The authors discuss the changing nature of learning and the expanding role of the private sector in education and training world-wide. In a detailed and practical way, they consider the policy and financing options available to governments seeking to meet the lifelong needs of their learners.

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