{PDF} Carbohydrates in Food, Second Edition (Food Science and Technology) Ann-Charlotte Eliasson


Continuing in the tradition of its well-received predecessor, Carbohydrates in Food, Second Edition provides thorough and authoritative coverage of the chemical analysis, structure, functional properties, and nutritional relevance of monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides used in food. The book combines the latest data on the analytical, physico-chemical, and nutritional properties of carbohydrates, offering a comprehensive and accessible single source of information. It evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of using various analytical methods, presents discussion of relevant physico-chemical topics that relate to the use of carbohydrates in food that allow familiarity with important functional aspects of carbohydrates; and includes information on relevant nutritional topics in relation to the use of carbohydrates in food. Carbohydrates in Food, Second Edition is an important resource for anyone working with carbohydrates in food because it provides essential information on the chemical analysis and physico-chemical properties of carbohydrates and also illustrates how they can be used in product development to increase the health benefits for the public.  This New Edition Includes: Updated information on nutritional aspects of mono- and disaccharides Analytical and functional aspects of gums/hydrocolloids Nutritional aspects of plant cell wall polysaccharides, gums, and hydrocolloids Analytical, physicochemical, and functional aspects of starch Revised and expanded reference lists

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