{PDF} Advanced Power Plant Materials, Design and Technology (Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy) D. Roddy


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Fossil-fuel power plants account for the majority of worldwide power generation. Increasing global energy demands, coupled with issues of aging and inefficient power plants, have led to new power plant construction programs. As cheaper fossil fuel resources are exhausted and emissions criteria are tightened, utilities are turning to power plants designed with performance in mind to satisfy requirements for improved capacity, efficiency, and environmental characteristics. Designed for power plant engineers and operators, Advanced Power Plant Materials, Design and Technology provides a comprehensive reference on the state of the art of gas-fired and coal-fired power plants, their major components, and performance improvement options. The first part of the book critically reviews advanced power plant designs that target both higher efficiency and flexible operation. The book discusses combined cycle technology and materials performance issues. The second part describes major plant components that improve the operation, including advanced membrane technology for hydrogen and carbon dioxide separation as well as flue gas handling technologies for improved emissions control of sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, mercury, ash, and particulates. This section also covers high-temperature sensors and monitoring and control technology that are essential to power plant operation and performance optimization. Part three begins with coverage of low-rank coal upgrading and biomass resource utilization for improved power plant fuel flexibility. It also explores routes to improve environmental impact, with chapters detailing the integration of underground coal gasification and the application of carbon dioxide capture and storage. The book also covers improved generation performance using syngas and hydrogen production from fossil-fuel feedstocks.

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