[PDF] A shot accuracy model for predicting the firing performance of a direct fire weapon system Lodge D.W., Dilkes A.M.


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(Лодж Д.В., Дилкс А.М. Модель точности для прогнозирования эффективности систем прямого выстрела).— Scientific article. // U.S. Army Gun Dynamics Symposium Proceedings. 2001. – 8 p.DERA performs research into the accuracy of various weapon systems for the UK MoD and has developed a Shot Accuracy Model (SAM) to simulate the complete ‘breech-to-target’ motion of the projectile. The suite is used to gain a greater understanding into the performance of current and future ammunition and gun system combinations. Knowledge gained from the models is used to influence gun and ammunition design and to reduce the dependency on costly firing trials.
The main areas that are modeled are: internal ballistics, in-bore gun dynamics, sabot separation, free flight dynamics and vehicle platform motion. Modification of these individual programs has also been undertaken to incorporate a stochastic (‘Monte Carlo’) simulation phase to better predict accuracy and dispersion effects of the projectiles at the target. The SAM is designed within a Microsoft Access® database running within the Windows NT® operating system. Its structure allows for the introduction of further modules, e.g. barrel wear, 2D internal ballistics etc. It also has links into other commercially available software, namely Graphics Server®, Matlab® and visualNastran Motion®, which are used as pre- and post-processing tools.Contents:
Further enhancements
Initial investigations
Sam design
Analysis control
Results output
Links to other packages

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